This is one of the most popular activities. As a Royal Airforce Cadet you will be trained by the professionals to handle weapons of all types from an Air Rifle through to the L144A1 Cadet Rifle or the L81A2 target rifle. Highly-qualified instructors train Cadets in the safe use of each piece of kit, progressing through lessons from the basic, but key safety information, through to advanced marksmanship.

The ranges available to Cadets come in different shapes and sizes but all are in controlled conditions with full training on any weapon that you handle - safety is our top priority. To start with you'll be firing at targets that are fairly close - around 25m away. As you advance through weapons and your skill builds, you will fire at targets 100m or more away.

If a cadet has an aptitude for shooting he may find himself competing at a national level, representing the Squadron or Wing, and of course for the very talented; international competitions.