Navigational Challenge

At the moment most Cadets are off school and on lockdown, it's the ideal opportunity to learn some new skills. One of the most important  disciplines to master when completing the DofE expedition is the ability to read a map and navigate. This is the first of my instructional video's and it will give you some valuable tools, tips and tricks on how to navigate your way around Nantwich, virtually!

In this video I will cover: 

  • Grid references
  • Orientation
  • Calculating distances on a map

Below you will find links to the resources you will need to complete the task.

  • An OS map of Nantwich
  • A scale card (mm to Metres)
  • Instructions and question and answer sheet

Watch the video, download and print out the resources,

let us know how you got on with the challenge on Facebook. GOOD LUCK!

The map will open in another tab. The scale and the Instructions will be saved to wherever you save your downloads.